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Did you swallow your family by accident?

Families give us so much. They give us their genes, which is sometimes a blessing and other times a curse. They give us the occasional compliment or dig. Most important, they give us life maps. Unfortunately, these maps are less like the helpful GPS lady who tells us exactly when and where to turn, and […]

Are you hurting intimacy by giving yourself away?

When we try to explain what it means to love our partners and foster intimacy, we often start by describing a process of giving and doing. We make favorite meals, give gifts, and sacrifice our needs to meet our partner’s needs–for example, getting up with the kids so that they can sleep in. When we […]

Happy (Post-Election) Thanksgiving!!

It’s the end of November of 2016 – just past what may have been the most contentious election in quite some time, and just before the Thanksgiving holiday. This election season was characterized by an obscene number of accusations, almost no focus on issues, ugly debates, little focus on facts or fact-checking, sleazy scandals, and […]

Are you brave enough for intimacy or does shame keep you hidden?

What is shame? Shame is powerful! It can keep you hidden from your friends, your partner, and even your own self. Because of this, shame threatens (and frequently succeeds) to destroy intimacy and make deep connection with others impossible. Shame has been around since humans have roamed this earth. If we look to the earliest […]

What’s blocking Intimacy in your relationship?

Welcome to our four-part series on intimacy! In our upcoming blog, we will explore four main obstacles we have seen that impede the deeper connections we all want with our life partners.  They are shame, giving up self, projection and introjects. Sounds complicated, but if you look closely, you may see your own relationship patterns […]

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